Project Information

  • Date: 12.11.2021

What hoteliers are expecting from hotel textile?

It has to be durable, requires rare replacement, no shade or yellowish in colours, resistant to bad effect of detegents, chlorine, light, heat, etc..

We know how to satisfy all that needs.

Warp-knitted terry and velour fabrics are made with high loop strength, snag-proof but very fluffy and soft with high wash resistance. All it allows to use towels and robes made with warp-knitted fabrics mainly at the premium end of the hotel market.

Terry and velour fabrics are extremely water absorbent. Hotel laundry will save energy and water each time washing knitted towels and robes. At the end nearly twice more washing cicles can be made before deciding to replace the knitted textile.

Even terry fabrics weighing 200 g/m² have an attractive, densy and extremely stable construction.